Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 Results Round One (B Grade Updated 14/6/2016)

Cyclocross Development Grade pg 1

Cyclocross Development Grade pg 2

B Grade pg 1

B Grade pg 2

B Grade pg 3
B Grade pg 4

A Grade pg 1
A Grade pg 2
A Grade pg 3

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016 Series Details

For the most up to date information go to our Facebook page here

Six Rounds as follow:

May 29 - Lake Roto Kohatu
June 19 - Lake Ellesmere
July 10 - Spencer Park
July 31 - Black Estate Winery, Waipara
August 21 - Rangiora
September 11 - Ferrymead Park

Three races each round:

11am - Cyclocross Development race (run what you brung, any bike, no separate categories, no series points) 30mins + 1 lap
12pm - B Grade (Cyclocross bikes only) 40 mins + 1 lap
1.15pm - A Grade (Cyclocross bikes only) 50 mins + 1 lap

Entry fees are $20 per race or $100 for all 6 races 
To Enter please deposit your race fee into the following bank account or enter on the day:

BNZ : 02-0874-0474071-000

Please tag your name with "CX.Your.Name"
AND... flick me an email with  "CX Entry" in the subject line. Please state:
Your Name
When paid and how much
Race entered (Cyclocross Development, B Grade or A grade) 
Category (Geared or SS )

Entries will be taken on the day and the registration will end at 10.30 for Cyclocross Development (any bike) race, 11.45 for B Grade (cyclocross bikes only) and 1pm for A Grade(cyclocross bikes only) so please allow time for this .

An questions, feel free to phone Scott (022 061 9155)

Fancy Dress/Skinsuits encouraged. As is heckling and music from spectators!
NB. There is a start advantage for skinsuits and fancy dress wearers. Also, this year there a "series points" advantage, one extra point for skinsuits and two extra points for PROPER fancy dress (no just chucking a hat on!) This is COMPLETELY judged by the organisers, don't be a dick about it ;-)

For those who haven't done one of our races before below is an explanation of how the "bell lap" works.
The races are 30/40/50 mins plus one lap. This means that as the leader crosses the finish line at about 30/40/50 minutes the bell will be rung, it will be rung for every other competitor after that until the winner crosses the finish line.
There is the possibility that a slower rider can cross the finish line before the leader crosses the line at the 30/40/50 minute time and the leader may then go on to pass the slower rider on the leaders last lap. When the leader crosses the finish line they are the winner and anyone crossing the finish line after then has completed the race, even if they did not hear the bell for their last lap.
Any lap begun after the winner has crossed the finish line will not be credited. We have total time elapsed as well as individual lap times so we can see if a lap was begun after the winner completed the race.

That is enough reading for one post. Let me know if you have any questions.
Contact me on or 022 061 9155
Cheers Scott